The accelerator founders, responsible for startup selection, investment decisions and day to day business.

  • Andrei Postolache
    Andrei Postolache Managing Partner
  • Florin Cardașim
    Florin Cardașim Managing Partner
  • Gabriel Enea
    Gabriel Enea Partner
  • Cristi Bârlădeanu
    Cristi Bârlădeanu Partner
  • Dan Nicola
    Dan Nicola Partner
  • Bogdan Băianu
    Bogdan Băianu Partner


Our team of mentors, from among the most respected IT professionals in Iași and not only, here to help our startups grow.

  • Alan Hyndman
    Alan Hyndman Marketing, Sales, Pricing
  • Alex Negru
    Alex Negru Fintech, crypto, adult-tech, payments, LATAM countries, off shore, VR, interactive toys
  • Andrei Frîncu
    Andrei Frîncu User Experience, User Research, Design Thinking, Digital Strategy
  • Andrei Ursache
    Andrei Ursache Project management, Delivery
  • Antonio Caciuc
    Antonio Caciuc General purpose hacker, hardware, business analysis
  • Bogdan Gâza
    Bogdan Gâza Engineering management, hiring, scaling teams, teamwork, building infrastructure for supporting product teams, cloud, search (infrastructure), deep learning
  • Corina Cilibiu
    Corina Cilibiu Requirements gathering, user testing, user interviews, business analysis
  • Cristi Grăunte
    Cristi Grăunte Digital Product UX, Team / Individual Coaching, Business Strategy
  • Diana Pojar
    Diana Pojar Tech, Big Data
  • Dragoș Grozavu
    Dragoș Grozavu General entrepreneurship
  • Emanuel Martonca
    Emanuel Martonca Pricing, product management, sales, marketing
  • Iulian Dogariu
    Iulian Dogariu Tech
  • Mădălina Băisan
    Mădălina Băisan BA, Product, Requirements Prioritization
  • Marius Ursache
    Marius Ursache Design (Branding, UX), Product Development, Market Research, Business Models, Team Management, AI, Healthcare, Fintech
  • Mark Hahnel
    Mark Hahnel Business models, sales
  • Mihai Bondar
    Mihai Bondar Business, Management
  • Mihai Toader
    Mihai Toader Management, technical management
  • Ovidiu Mihăiuc
    Ovidiu Mihăiuc Visual Media, Public Speaking, PR
  • Vlad Iliescu
    Vlad Iliescu Tech
  • Vlad Zelinschi
    Vlad Zelinschi Tech, prototyping
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