These are the investors for our first round, which we will invest in 2018 in Iași tech startups with 10x potential. In autumn 2018 we will raise capital for a subsequent round for 2019.

For 2018, we went with a community approach and have raised our capital from private individuals, mostly from the local IT community. We’ve raised 150.000 from 20 investors, none of whom has more than 10% of the total.

All the money is private and we are unencumbered by the bureaucracy that comes with governmental or EU money.

Angel investors. We’re also lining up a network of angel investors, willing to consider specific startups that we will bring to them. Our initial investment is pre-seed/seed and will likely be, for 2018, less than 30k/startup. Angel investors may invest more in startups that reach their expectations.

Once startups enrolled in our acceleration program reach a level of maturity and performance we are happy with, we will take them to the angel investors with whom we think they may be a match.

The 2018 fund investors:

  • Adrian Rîndașu
    Adrian Rîndașu
  • Alex Burciu
    Alex Burciu
  • Alex Negru
    Alex Negru
  • Bogdan Gâza
    Bogdan Gâza
  • Claudiu Costan
    Claudiu Costan
  • Constantin Marcu
    Constantin Marcu
  • Cristi Grăunte
    Cristi Grăunte
  • Dan Zaharia
    Dan Zaharia
  • Diana Pojar
    Diana Pojar
  • Emanuel Martonca
    Emanuel Martonca
  • George Olaru
    George Olaru
  • Gabriel Popovici
    Gabriel Popovici
  • Horia Ciochină
    Horia Ciochină
  • Iulia Rîndașu
    Iulia Rîndașu
  • Marian Caraiman
    Marian Caraiman
  • Marius Lupu
    Marius Lupu
  • Mihai Bîrsan
    Mihai Bîrsan
  • Mihai Toader
    Mihai Toader
  • Sorin Ichim
    Sorin Ichim
  • Ștefan Rusu
    Ștefan Rusu
  • Vlad Olaru
    Vlad Olaru
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